3 Simple Ways to Have a More Ethical Christmas from Besma of 'Curiously Conscious'

December 02, 2017

3 Simple Ways to Have a More Ethical Christmas from Besma of 'Curiously Conscious'

 As part of our #GiveGoodGifts series, we are happy to share some three great ethical Christmas ideas from Besma, author of the beautiful stylish ethical lifestyle blog, Curiously Conscious. 

1. The tree

There’s been some debate over Christmas trees - what’s the most ethical? 

Surprisingly, chopping down a fir tree beats buying a plastic one for a few reasons. Firstly, fir trees are a slow-growing crop that grow on nutrient-poor land. During their growth, they recycle carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, making up for some of their carbon footprint when travelling to your home. Finally, they are completely biodegradable and can possibly be replanted after the big event.

A plastic tree on the other hand, is made from petrochemicals which have a high impact from sourcing through to disposal. Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down and is toxic for the environment. Let’s be honest - it can never smell half as good as a real fir tree so I recommend real trees all the way.

2. The gifts

Giving gifts at Christmas has got to be the most magical of all the festive traditions. The feeling of sharing a gift with a loved one has to be the epitome of Christmas spirit.

This year, why not try giving gifts that go the extra mile? An ethical gift such as The Soap Co.'s Eco & Bee Friendly soap sets smell good, work well, and also benefit the environment. And you will be supporting the people that help run The Soap Co. - 80% of whom are blind disabled or otherwise disadvantaged.

 3. The dinner

The focal point of Christmas dinner has to be the turkey. Luckily, turkey is one of the greenest meats around. It takes less energy to rear them and they give off less emissions than cows or pigs. A double bonus is that they are also better for your health compared to red meat.

If you want to go even more green, why not try making a hearty vegetable pie on Christmas instead? But if turkey is your preference, there’s no need to change it - embrace it!

Merry (ethical) Christmas and may all your wishes come true,


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