Our Bottles: Environmentally Conscious

How does a company tell consumers what they stand for?

Our primary message is a social one, but we want to tell you about some other sides to The Soap Co.  This blog will focus on our eco-ethos! 

An average bottle will be used, once, or perhaps twice and recycled once or twice and then ultimately thrown in landfill or made into a speed bump. We don’t have a viable solution to avoid this yet, but our aim is definitely to slow the process down.

We carefully selected our bottles with just the right mix of post-consumer regrind material (old milk bottles) to give us a great looking and functioning bottle, but with a lower carbon footprint.

We also chose HDPE instead of PET due to its robustness and lower carbon footprint.  We would love to release our next range with even more PCR HDPE and we are eagerly awaiting a bio solution that will help us remove plastic bottles all together!

At the moment, these solutions cost us more than using virgin material like the vast majority of soap manufacturers, but we think that is a great investment.

The pumps are another potential environmental issue, with so many different components, these are currently impossible to recycle.  Our solution is to buy one, once and use it again and again and again.  Sadly only saves us a few pence to purchase a cap instead of a pump but we are working hard help consumers to make good decisions for them and the planet.

You can read more at www.thesoapco.org/ethics or by contacting Camilla at info@thesoapco.org