#SoapCo_Inspired: Camilla Marcus-Dew, Launch Manager, The Soap Co.

Next in the #SoapCo_Inspired journey, we are delighted to hear from Camilla Marcus–Dew.

As our Head of Commercial and founder of The Soap Co., Camilla managed the successful launch and growth of The Soap Co. and shares what is inspiring her right now.

What inspires you about The Soap Co?

I love the simplistic beauty of the product range. It helps to show people that we do things differently. I love the ambition and integrity of the staff who are driven by a clear social mission. The CEO, Jeremy and Head of Operations, Hayley are role models and great to work with.

What do you love most about what you do?

The surprise on people’s faces when they see the brand and then find out what The Soap Co. stands for.  I love the transparency and simplicity - Buy Soap. Create Jobs. It makes me wonder why there aren’t social enterprises leading the way in every sector.

Who is inspiring you right now?

Peter Holbrook, CEO from Social Enterprise UK, is a real inspiration. His energy is infectious and he has the facts to back up his opinion, great for the analytical people!

What organisations do you think are doing great work?

The more I read and hear about social enterprise, the more I am amazed by the dedication and relentless efforts of organisations such as On Purpose, Belu Water, From Babies with Love, Miss Macaroon, Divine Chocolate, Liberation Foods, and Rubies in the Rubble…there are so many!

Do you have any female role models? Who are they?

Ellen MacArthur is a huge role model. Her TED Talk is so inspiring.

What would you like your personal legacy to be?

Conscious Consumerism. I would love to be responsible for helping consumers think before making a purchase. Make people aware that with every purchase they could make the world a better place – financially, environmentally and socially.

What's next for you?

We are very excited about the new fragrances and products that we're launching in the coming months. This will lead us into Christmas and onwards into 2018!