A Simple Bar of Soap?

January 16, 2017

A Simple Bar of Soap?

At The Soap Co. we meet journalists, retailers and beauty thought leaders to talk about The Soap Co. 

An interesting trend has started to emerge. The humble soap bar is having a resurgence. A seemingly simple item, The Soap Co. soap bars are far from it.

Camilla, Head of Commercial at The Soap Co. shares why The Soap Co. soap bar is her favourite Soap Co. product.

“I love that we make thousands of soap bars every year in our small production facility in the Lake District. Each batch is hand-crafted by skilled staff using traditional cold press methods.

The ingredients are as pure as their production location, in the heart of the Lake District in a small workshop in Keswick, by our team. The bars are made from natural oils like olive and coconut, sustainable palm oil, distilled water from the Lake District, alongside the Lye , cocoa butter, a few drops of fragrance and Provitamin B5.

It is a pleasure to see the process that every soap bar goes through to become the finished product.

Each fragrance is added by hand, and for our Black Poppy & Wild Fig bar, we also add exfoliating poppy seeds instead of microbeads, and our Citrus soap also includes dried lemon peel.

The block is then hand cut into individual bars, with the off-cuts all reused in other processes to reduce wastage, and then dried for three weeks.

These bars are then hand stamped with our beautiful logo before also being stamped with the name of the person who crafted this bar for you.  Our first soaps off the production line were “Made by Billy” and each and every bar produced to date is totally unique.

The Soap Co. is committed to the principles of the circular economy and all our packaging reflects that.

They are hand wrapped in a compostable bio-film called ‘NatureFlex™ 30NK’ which looks and feels just like plastic made from petrochemicals but we love that it is actually made from wood pulp. Our supplier, Innovia Films  makes this bio-film in Northern England from sustainable forest sources, and what is even better is that this layer is totally compostable with a lower carbon footprint than typical plastics.

The next layer is then an uncoated Corona Offset 100gsm white paper made from 100% deinked, chlorine free waste paper from PaperBack.  This waste paper is made primary from office waste, magazines and newspapers making it very environmentally friendly 100% recycled paper.  We use minimal black only ink to aid composting and recycling and reduce contaminants in the supply chain.

Lastly, we seal the soap by wrapping it up like a present and adding a compostable label with all our ingredients and information on, which uses BioTAK® biodegradable non-toxic adhesive from our supplier, Berkshire Labels, who lead the way in sustainable labelling.

We are continually striving to achieve the principles of the circular economy.  I think this packaging is amongst the most beautiful, simplistic and eco-friendly of any consumer product on the market.

From a personal perspective, these are my favourite products and I use them every day, as a soap at the basin and in the shower, and occasionally even as a shampoo substitute.  My favourite is the Citrus!

We are working to certify our palm oil, or remove it and also looking forward to the release of a few new fragrances in 2017!"


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