After Years out of the Spotlight, They're Back

No, we’re not talking ripped jeans, shoulder pads or glitter…the bar soap is back. Beauty lovers around the world from London to New York, Tokyo to Sydney are swapping their shower gel for bar soap. There is a new breed of bars that pack as much luxury (if not more) than their liquid counterparts. Like Sarah Walker from Instyle says, “Unleash the soap from its delicate wrapping and take it for a test drive—this beauty standard is better than ever.”

Shed memories of dry, tight skin and think soft and supple in one step. Nearly 50% of The Soap Co. bar soaps are created with olive oil and coconut oil, and we think it’s time to #RaiseTheBar. We’ve added modern refinement to the type of bar soaps you buy in your local supermarket – loaded with cocoa butter and added vitamins they’re designed to moisturise rather than strip your skin.

Our bar soaps look great and feel great but that’s only half the story. Founded in 2015, The Soap Co. was created from the simple idea that there doesn’t need to be a trade-off between award winning design, high quality eco products and a social mission. 80% of the staff who make our soap are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged, and all our bar soaps are hand cut, wrapped and stamped with the name of its maker. The packaging is either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, and the glue that seals our soap wrappers is non-toxic. Bar soaps not only have less packaging, but ingredients too, and containing less water bar soaps are a lot more efficient to ship resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

With 1 in every 5 UK consumers buying bar soap once a month, do you think it’s your turn to unwrap something you can look forward to everyday and #RaiseTheBar? Our online store is just a stone’s throw away.