#GiveGoodGifts Gift List: Gifts With Heritage

We know it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. Even harder when you also want that gift to have a heritage, be environmentally sustainable and do good in the world. 

As part of our #GiveGoodGifts campaign, we will we sharing some of the beautiful gifts we have found that tick all the boxes. 

This week, we have searched far and wide and here are our favourite gifts with heritage. 

1. Wires Glasses 

British design meets African artistry

Beautiful sunglasses based on African wire craft that dates back to the 16th Century. Made in Harare by a skilled team of craftsmen. These glasses provide employment and keep a craft alive whilst creating a mean pair of sunglasses.

180 Black Brass Glasses. £120.

2. The Soap Co. Bar Soap

Cheeky we know. We couldn't resist including our bar soap, made using traditional cold press methods in the Lake District. 

Not only does our production method have a long history. Our heritage includes Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill and Dickens.

Black Poppy & Wild Fig Bar Soap. £7.

3. Lock & Co. Hatters

The oldest hat shop in the world - what a claim to fame. 

Currently celebrating 340 years of history, they also make a stylish Fedora. The Soap Co and Lock & Co. share a historical connection. They made the hat Winston Churchill wore on his wedding day.

Kensal Cloche. £295.

4. Finisterre 

You can almost smell the salty air of Cornwall when you visit the Finisterre website. Cornwall and Cornish heritage are seeped into the core of the brand.

For the person in your life with cold feet, you can’t go too wrong with a pair of hardy Finisterre wool socks.

Kelson Sock. £18.

5. Haws (via The Future Kept)

130 years of plant watering happiness. 

Based on a 100-year design, this copper watering can is a beauty to behold. Available at the online purveryor of beautiful things, The Future Kept. 

Copper Watering Can. £49

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