#GiveGoodGifts Gift List: Sustainable Gifts For Men

November 19, 2016

#GiveGoodGifts Gift List: Sustainable Gifts For Men

Our theme for this week is gifts that embrace sustainability, all in different ways.

In the spirit of equality, this week, we have curated a gift list for the men. There is something to suit all budgets ranging from £7.00 to £700.

1. The Urban Woodsman

This beautifully styled book is like a love letter to woodwork.

Author Max Bainbridge shares his techniques for carving spoons, bowls and other lovely things out of locally sourced wood.

If you are looking for a gift for an aspiring outdoorsman or carpenter, this is the perfect gift.

The Urban Woodsman. £17

2. Aerende Bather Set

Aerende have combined a set of Soap Co. products with a fluffy white towel and created a gift fit for a king.

With fully compostable, recyclable or reusable packaging, your man’s conscience will be as clean as his physique.

Bather set. £42

3. Beer from Five Points Brewing Company

The Five Points Brewing Company, based in East London, are creating delicious beer without the shipping miles.

They make it easy to put together your own collection of beers with a handy bag to carry it around with. Made from eco-friendly jute, it even has a removable insert to stop your bottles clinking together. What a relief.

Six Beers and Jute Bag. £19.

4. Vé Bicycle From This Because

Not only are these bicycles stunning, and inherently eco-friendly, they have a brilliant added benefit.

For each bike bought, they donate another, locally assembled bike, to school girls in Ghana. 

For the bike nuts, here are the details , the bike is an “aluminium city commuter equipped with alloy fenders, anti-rust chain and a smooth-shifting 3-speed integrated hub from Sram.”

So there you go.

Vé Comfort Bicycle. £740

5. Old Spike Roastery Coffee Subscription

Based in Peckham, creating employment for homeless people, Old Spike Roastery creates some delicious coffee.

Their coffee subscription offers an array of brew method choices - from whole bean to french press. The coffee connoisseur in your life will be pleased.  

Monthly or 2 weekly Coffee Subscription. Various.

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