#GiveGoodGifts Meets...Holly Rose, Creator of Leotie Lovely

Our #GiveGoodGifts interview today is with Holly Rose, creator of the beautiful conscious lifestyle blog, Leotie Lovely.

What do you love about Christmas? 

Family. I love that on Christmas it seems like the whole world is quiet and we all seem to connect without our phones or any other distractions in the way. My family is split to two sides of the pond with the girls having been raised in Canada and the boys having been raised in England. This year is the first year my entire family, their partners and children and everyone will be together in England for Christmas. Though it might end up being a bit overwhelming I'm looking forward to sharing those moments with all my brothers, sisters, their partners, my parents, my step-parents, and my niece, nephew.

What is your favourite good gift?

To be honest I love gifts that are made for me. My sisters and I used to make our gifts for each other when we were little and I came across some of them the other day. They're more precious and sentimental than any purchased gifts I've received!

I also love experiential gifts, my husfriend took me to Portugal for a weekend long surf trip for my birthday a few weeks back. After an intense work year it was exactly what I needed and I really cherish the memories we created.

The best object I've received are the wedding rings my friend Jimmy made for my husfriend and I out of recycled silver and healing stones, everyday when I put them on I feel all the love he put into them and all the love they represent between my partner and I ...  they're one of those things that makes me grateful daily. 

What's the best gift you've ever given?

Hmmm there's a few! I made my mum an entertainment unit out of wood one year, she still has it in her living room.

About 10 years ago, I had a girl on etsy make custom key chains for each of my family members which they still have on their key rings today.

For my dad's 60th birthday I got him gifts which were both eco and ethical, some handmade, some purchased, creating a really thoughtful loved up gift basket.

Another etsy seller Dharma Woods and I collaborated on a bracelet for my husfriend a few years back too which was a special gift to give.

I really love giving books I've already read to people I know or have just met, whether they're my copy or a new one it feels so good to give someone a book you know will touch them.

Thank you Holly. 

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