#GiveGoodGifts Meets...Nataly From Literally Nataly

This week we have the pleasure of interviewing Nataly, ethical luxury blogger and founder of Literally Nataly.

In September, Nataly visited the factory and reviewed The Soap Co. products. Since her post went live, we have loved seeing the response from her community to our products and ethos. 

If you haven't visited her blog, we would highly recommend it. It is a treasure trove of ethical brands, resources and musings. 

What do you love about Christmas? 

Absolutely everything! I am known in my husband’s family as the Christmas Elf (or Christmas Extremist), which I guess can be seen as quite ironic having grown up in a Jewish home! I do have to make up for 20 years without Christmas though.

What is your favourite Good Gift?

My favourite good gift is something timeless - something that I can use over and over again at any point in time from now till I am 90! For me specifically it would be anything as small as an Arabia Moomin Mug ( as I collect them) to a classic collection designer bag. 

What is the best gift you’ve ever given? 

The best gift I have ever given in Christmas would probably be a woollen beanie I knitted for my husband a few years ago. We were at his parents countryside home for the holidays and in the days following up to Christmas his mother taught me how to knit. It took me blood, sweat, and tears but after a few days I surprisingly managed to produce a beanie! I was pretty impressed with myself and he absolutely loved it! I think that giving someone a gift that has been made with a lot of love, passion, and determination is worth more than anything else.

Thank you Nataly

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