Hiring: SocEnt Business Development Manager

[Update: position closed]

Considered a job where success isn't just measured by salary?

This role is about creating real 'social' value and without feeding the 'fat cat' culture.

  1. Could you sell ice to Inuits and upsell them snow as well?
  2. Sick of being on the hamster wheel but have succeeded and worked hard?
  3. Fancy putting your natural sales skills to good use and really challenging yourself?
  4. Told you are a great relationship builder who often works tirelessly to exceed objectives?
  5. Are you a great networker and confident to talk with anyone?

Help us build a great team to get www.thesoapco.org into every high end restaurant and retailer and our new brand CLARITYECO+ into every university and supermarket.

Be a core part of a small team based in East London, changing perceptions about disability...and soap!

Do something great in 2018.


Please, send us your CV and application letter via LinkedIn https://goo.gl/T71uVn