Pioneering New Sustainable Luxury Products

When we founded The Soap Co., environmental sustainability was at the heart of every decision we made.

We chose vegetable based inks, recycled and recyclable materials, reusable pumps and UK based suppliers.

This commitment continued as we chose the ingredients that make up our products. We chose natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Essential Oils and Vitamin E and B. We made the products Paraben Free and Cruelty-Free as standard.

We can proudly say, the products you buy today, are leading the way on sustainability in the luxury market. And that doesn’t even include our positive social impact.

However, at The Soap Co. we don’t rest on our laurels, we are always looking for ways to improve.

So we have decided to go one step further.

In June 2016, we brought experts, talented green chemists from Imperial College London and Sheffield University, Elaine Fowler, Aileen Cooney and Emily Burnett.

They are auditing the current formulations and quizzing our suppliers to ensure that our new formulations deliver more than any other luxury product on the market. We caught up with them to hear about challenges they have faced.

“We have faced a few challenges! There is not a lot of transparency on where ingredients come from or what industrial standards they have used in production. We have had to really push our suppliers to get this information so we can make the best choices. We have found the internet is full of false information and media exaggeration about ‘harmful chemicals’. In reality, preservatives are crucial for the safety of products and natural fragrances are not always sustainable. Our new products will be a balance between safety and sustainability. We are focussing on the science rather than the media prejudice.”

One of the significant outcomes of the process will be to replace the SLS. Although it is an important surfactant used in a large number of products on the market, it can be less kind to sensitive skin. We are exploring the alternatives with the aim of replacing it in our new range.

This is not a quick process. Once all the ingredients have been chosen, there is a three month testing process to get the final product.

With the new formulations, your The Soap Co. products will be at the cutting edge of the luxury market in terms of sustainability and social impact.

You can expect to see the new and improved range available to buy in early 2017, along with our fourth fragrance. Watch this space!