Sandra Duberry

August 28, 2015

Sandra worked for a county council for 23 years before she had to leave as a result of staff cuts. She joined The Soap Co in June 2015.

Being deaf has meant she can do jobs that her colleagues with sight impairments find more difficult, like mixing soap colours.

She says, “My first time making it I was a bit nervous and I had to make sure, is it alright, and he says, don’t panic, take it easy, don’t rush.”

An excellent lip reader, she has enjoyed the chance to work with a range of people, many of them also with disabilities. “I like working here,” she says, “I like to work with blind people, deaf people, working together.”

For Sandra, being at the Soap Co has taught her to be positive and be strong. Now she’s looking for a fulltime job in office work.