Black Oud & Jasmine Limited Edition Plastic Free Hand Wash

Hand Wash – Eco & Plastic Free™

Volume: 300ml

Crafted from natural or eco-certified, vegan ingredients, this eco handwash is enriched with vitamins, natural bee friendly Borage and Calendula botanicals and softening sugar esters from Coconut oil to leave the hands feeling silky smooth. Biodegradable and not harmful to aquatic life. The bottle is plastic free* and made out of infinitely recyclable aluminium with a compostable bio-film label, so there’s no need to throw it away. Cruelty-free, certified Plastic Free™ and made in the UK.

*Does not include a bottle pump.

Please purchase separately.

Black Oud & Jasmine

Limited edition alluring and rich aroma.

Geranium & Rhubarb

Refreshingly sweet yet mellow. Contains Geranium oil.

Wild Nettle & Sage

Delicate herbal notes from 13 natural oils including healing Sage, uplifting Rosemary and stress relieving Thyme. 100% natural fragrance. Contains Sage oil.