How Long Does Dr Squatch Soap Last? – Answered

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how long does dr squatch soap last

Soap washes off the dirt, sweat, and oils that make us feel icky. We use it daily, so we must have a long-lasting bar soap so we won’t have to keep buying.

So how long does Dr Squatch soap last? The soap typically lasts up to 21 wash cycles. But how the user maintains and preserves the soap has got to affect its longevity too.

If you want to know how to make use of your Dr. Squatch soap for a long time, follow along!

How Many Washes Does Dr. Squatch Soap Last?

The company has stated that each bar of Dr. Squatch soap will last approximately 21 times for regular use before you have to open another pack.

The brand claims that one piece of soap can last around 2 – 3 weeks, depending on different water, use frequencies, lathering, etc.

You can try to put that estimation to the test and see if you could go beyond twenty-one times now that you know how to preserve your soap bar at home.

The Quid Pro Quo to Organic Soaps


Typical commercial soaps often contain preservatives that are harmful to the skin.

That’s why some people opt for organic soaps, as they contain hardly any chemicals and are normally made of organic substances.

Of course, it can be too good to be true if we put it that way! Almost everything has a trade-off or quid pro quo– and it’s the longevity of organic soaps. Why is this?

Most organic soaps last shorter than conventional soaps since there are no or fewer synthetic additives in the ingredients, making them generally softer.

The same can be said with a Dr. Squatch soap. After about 21 washes, you’ll have to buy another– it’s perhaps why people ask the ever-so-popular question, “how long does a bar of Dr Squatch last?” after finishing one. You also can check this guide to find the best place to buy real Dr. Squatch soap at an affordable price.

Dr. Squatch soap has no substances that may adversely affect the skin, which is why it’s not longer-lasting than other soaps. But twenty-one is too short for most of us! How can we maximize it?

How to Make Your Dr. Squatch Last Longer?

There are multiple methods to preserve your Dr. Squatch soap. You can use one or all the recommended techniques if you wish to lengthen your soap usage.

Method #1: If it’s not in use, keep it dry.

If the bar has been removed from its protective packaging, keep it dry. You can place it onto a small wooden rack in the corner far from the water splash of your shower.

However, if unopened, store the soap away from humidity to help them maintain their shape. The best is to keep the soap bars in cool, dry areas, like storage cabinets.

Method #2: Cut it into smaller pieces


Since the product’s lifespan is affected by moisture, cutting the soap smaller and using it piece-per-piece helps preserve the product too.

Store away the pieces you don’t need in a container that keeps moisture away. Doing so can save the parts you aren’t using and use smaller amounts every time.

A bonus to using this technique is that the soap size is more convenient to hold since it is smaller.

Method #3: Use bathroom accessories


Using other bathroom accessories can help keep your product consumption to a minimum. Here are three examples:

  • Loofah

Use a loofah as a medium to lather the product onto your skin without putting the soap bar directly on your skin. By doing so, you’ll avoid letting your soap continuously get wet under the shower.

And as a plus, loofahs improve the circulation of your blood!

  • Soap saver

It might also help to follow what the company recommends to keep your soap dry–a soap saver. The company has its own Dr Squatch Soap Saver too.

As its name suggests, it saves your soap and prolongs its lifespan. Putting it on a soap saver will prevent your soap from being waterlogged when not in use.

  • Soap saver bags

Eco-friendly pouches, called soap saver bags, are designed to hold a soap bar while you use it. Soap bags can be made from sisal, a natural fiber derived from the inside of the agave’s leaves.

Here’s how it works. You have to place your bar of soap inside the bag. Typically, its opening has strings that you pull to keep the soap from slipping out of it.

The material of soap saver bags does not just regulate the amount of soap you use. It also exfoliates your skin as you scrub.

Furthermore, check this guide to find the proper way to use Dr. Squatch soap.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why doesn’t Dr. Squatch soap last long?

We can not necessarily say that Dr. Squatch soap doesn’t last long because it’s up to you to determine whether 21 times is long enough or not.

The obvious answer is that if an estimate of twenty-one wash cycles is little for you, Dr. Squatch soap might not be long-lasting.

However, it’s also up to your willingness to follow methods of preserving the soap and maximize its usage. Trying out the different preservation techniques might make it a different experience for you.

2. Does Dr. Squatch soap melt?

There is no substantial information on whether Dr. Squatch soap melts. But since Dr. Squatch soap is organic, we can garner an answer by understanding how these types of soaps work.

Humectants, by definition, is a substance that naturally absorbs vapor, and glycerine is a humectant.

Due to the ingredients having more glycerine than conventional soaps, organic ones tend to soften in damp areas.


Using organic products like Dr. Squatch may spare your body from harmful substances. But it’s such an inconvenience that you have to store bars of soap to prevent yourself from going to the grocery store frequently.

However, knowing how long does Dr Squatch soap last and the methods of preserving it might make a change.

Suppose approximately 21 showers are not enough for you. In that case, you may try prolonging its usage by slicing the soap into chunks or using loofah as a medium instead of applying it directly to your skin.n

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