How to Make Liquid African Black Soap? (2 Easy Methods)

By Marsha Harrison

Fact-checked by Kia Lowe

how to make liquid african black soap

First of all, do you know what African black soap is? Actually, it’s a soap that originates in Africa and is made of plant-based ingredients. The soap’s highlights are its claim to treat skin ailments and its antifungal properties.

The composition of the soap is usually crumbly black or brown bars. On the other hand, the Liquid African black soap is the, well.. liquid form of the soap!

This article will teach you how to make liquid African black soap at home from scratch, combining the fantastic properties of this soap with your preferred scent and consistency.


What to Prepare for the Task


The main ingredients to make liquid black soap are water and African black soap bars.

Here’s what you will need to liquify African black soap:

  • African black soap
  • Clean water
  • Essential oil with the scent of your choice
  • Shea butter
  • Mixing bowl with lid
  • Empty refillable bottle
  • Pot (for hot method)

Detailed Steps

This soap recipe is simply based on the mentioned ingredients and tools above!

Since there are no current or notable methods to melt African black soap without water, it’s best to choose from those mentioned in the following segments.

You have two options to make liquid black soap– the cold method and the hot method. Just note that additional tools may vary per method, so follow what you feel more comfortable doing!

1. Using the Cold Method

As the name implies, this method is used to liquify African black soap using cold or non-boiled water. Therefore, this method may take a longer time to settle.

Step #1: Crumble the soap


The first step is to crush the African black soap bar until you have broken the soap into bits. The smaller, the better! Then place the chunks or crumbs of soap into your mixing bowl.

The texture of authentic African black soap should be easy for you to break apart since it is softer than other organically-made soaps.

Step #2: Liquify the soap crumblesn


Once the broken-up soap has been placed in the mixing bowl, pour room temperature water into the mixing bowl to turn black soap to liquid.

The method does not require heat, so it will take longer to disintegrate in the water.

It may take a few hours to a day for it to melt. Cover it and let the bowl aside for the time being. Monitor the progress of the liquid soap and mix the solution every several hours.

Step #3: Add essential oils and shea butter


If the soap is thoroughly disintegrated into the water and there are no visible bits or chunks, you can start adding the additional ingredients.

Drop a little amount of essential oil into the bowl, then mix. For additional nourishing properties, combine the liquid soap with shea butter.

Mix all the ingredients until it is completely dissolved. After doing so, you can place the liquified soap into the empty refillable bottle you prepared.

2. Using the Hot Method

The hot method technique uses boiling water to heat the soap faster, which means this soap technique will take a shorter time to settle.

Step #1: Boil water and cut the soap


First, place water in a pot and start boiling it. The amount of water you put in the pot will determine how thick you want your homemade black soap to be.

While waiting for your water to boil, cut the soap into bits.

Since the African black soap has a crumbly texture, it will be easier to break up. However, you can also opt to use a cheese grater from your kitchen.

Step #2: Boil the soap crumbles and shea butter


Then place the crushed-up soap and shea butter into the boiling pot of water. Start mixing the ingredients until it creates a soup-like consistency. This whole process will take about a few minutes.

Let the solution cool down and settle for a few hours. During the cooling down period, monitor the progress of the liquid soap and mix the solution every other hour.

Step #3: Add the essential oil


Once the soap has completely cooled down, you can add the fragrance essential oil of your choice, whether you choose a blend or a single scent.

Essentials are pretty potent so add little drops only. Then mix until the essential oil is thoroughly combined into the remaining liquid black soap.

After thoroughly stirring the mixture, you can place your finished product in an empty refillable bottle, ready for use.

And voila! You now have your DIY liquid black soap.

Take note that this liquid black soap has no preservatives. Therefore, the lifespan of your soap will last from a few days to one whole week.

This is why it is suggested to partially liquify African black soap bars rather than making the whole bar into liquid in one go.

Another contributor to preserving your liquid black soap is how you store it after usage. You can do so by leaving the liquid soap in the fridge when not in use and making sure that the product is properly closed and kept.


Learning how to make liquid African black soap is great for extending your soap’s lifespan. In addition, liquifying the soap helps extend its life span since it’s recommended in smaller batches.

Other methods help increase the lifespan of the soap. Still, these methods include chemicals, which may take away the appeal of the all-natural feature.

Some other issues of the bar formulations may also cause concern for you, this being that the texture of the soap may be too rough.

Therefore, liquifying the soap lets you take advantage of its nourishing and healing properties without exfoliating your skin daily.

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