How to Open Soap Dispenser Without Key – Problem Solved

By Marsha Harrison

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how to open soap dispenser without key

When a bar of soap gets mushy, washing our hands gets harder as we try to find a way to grip it. This is why a lot of homeowners switched to liquid soap.

To lessen the plastic waste, many of us install wall-mounted dispensers that come with keys. In this way, all we have to do is refill. But, what if you lose the key?

In this case, let me show you how to open soap dispenser without key.

Types of Soap Dispensers

Before we get into the tutorial, let’s talk about the different types of soap dispensers.

1. Pump bottle


This is perhaps the most common type of dispenser and the easiest to use. Just by pressing down the nozzle, you can extract the liquid soap.

To refill, simply open the soap dispenser bottle by twisting the cap counterclockwise.

2. Counter-mounted soap dispenser

As the name suggests, this type of dispenser is built into the kitchen or bathroom counter. Similar to the pump bottle, you will only have to turn the pump counterclockwise.

Then, pull out the pump along with the plastic tubing attached to it and start pouring the soap into the container inside.

3. Wall-mounted soap dispenser


Soap dispensers designed for residential purposes feature a button to allow the user to refill easily.

To open a wall-mounted soap dispenser of this kind, simply push the button located at the top, bottom, or side of the unit.

The button will release the front cover to reveal the empty soap cartridge that you can take out and replace. Check out this Youtube video to get more visuals.

Meanwhile, models designed for workplaces and commercial spaces require keys to access the cartridge inside.

If you own one of these, read the guide below on how to open soap dispenser on wall without key.

Items You May Need

Regardless of the brand or model you have, all you need is some muscles to squeeze the soap dispenser open. Don’t worry, it will not destroy the unit!

Step-by-Step Instructions


Note that I will only be providing a detailed guide on how to open a soap dispenser without using a key. After all, using the pump bottle is pretty straightforward.

Likewise, a counter-mounted open method hand soap dispenser does not require keys. You just need to remove the pump and pour the soap into it.

How to open Gojo soap dispenser without key

  • Step 1: Put your hands on the left and right sides of the dispenser and give it a good squeeze.
  • Step 2: Once compressed, you will hear the latch at the top click open. This should free the dispenser’s front. The front will fall forward. From here, you will see the soap cartridge inside the unit.
  • Step 3: Remove the empty cartridge from the unit and put the new one in its place.
  • Step 4: Lastly, gently push the front cover back into place. You will know that it latched in place when you hear a click.

Tip: If you need to open an Ecolab soap dispenser, you can use the same trick demonstrated above.

You can also try to open the Deb soap dispenser using the same technique since the latch is located on either side of the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I refill a regular soap dispenser with foaming soap?

No. If you want to use foaming soap, you will need a different dispenser. That’s because foaming soap relies on a dispenser specifically designed to make the soap foam.

The pump of a foaming soap dispenser has two chambers. One holds the soap while the other pumps air as it is being dispensed.

Since foaming soap is a diluted form of liquid soap, it will not work on regular soap dispensers. Likewise, using pure liquid soap on foaming soap dispensers will result in clogging due to its thicker consistency.

2. Can I buy spare keys for my liquid soap dispenser?

Yes, manufacturers of soap dispensers with keys also sell spare keys. Based on my research, some brands sell in bulk while others sell the key per piece.

If you go directly to Gojo’s website, for instance, you can find their Lock Or Not Dispenser Key sold in packs of 18. On the other hand, Uno Clean sells Deb ProLine’s replacement in packs of 5.

3. Can I use a flat screwdriver to open a soap dispenser in place of a key?

Most people opt for squeezing the dispenser. A coin or paper clip may help unlock it.

Otherwise, it is best to refer to the user manual of the unit that you have before using any tools. If you have to use a screwdriver, make sure you are not too forceful in turning the lock to prevent damage.

4. Why do wall-mounted soap dispensers have keys?

In areas with high traffic, such as commercial spaces or hospitals, the lock and key feature of the soap dispenser can help prevent theft.

5. Countertop, counter-mounted, or wall-mounted soap dispenser?

My take on this is that each type of dispenser has its pros and cons. It boils down to your preference, budget, and if you are willing to drill your wall.

For example, a pump bottle is the cheapest option. You can either recycle an empty store-bought liquid soap container or buy beautifully-designed dispensers to match your home. Regardless, it is low maintenance since you don’t need a key to open and refill the container.

Because it is not attached to the wall, you can rearrange it if you feel like giving your bathroom a makeover. The only problem is that it can be messy as the soap spills on your counter.

Most people consider built-in dispensers an upgrade although installation will require some work, and in some cases, more money, too.

Built-in dispensers are generally easy to use. Since it is on your wall, you free up space on your countertop, making it look cleaner. The only advantage is that the cheap models are prone to leaking, as pointed out.

Another potential problem for a wall-mounted soap dispenser is if you lose the key. If it does, just try the method I showed above!


Buying replacement parts and accessories can take time, especially if there are delays due to shipping or lack of availability. Hence, we need to figure out how to open soap dispenser without a key.

In this guide, I presented the option that is less likely to damage the unit. Sueezing the dispenser is worth trying as it can release the latch.

However, note that every brand and model created is unique. Be sure to read the manual thoroughly and understand how the mechanism inside the dispenser works so you can strategize accordingly.

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