Welcome to The Soap Co.

Based in East London The Soap Co. collections are crafted in the UK by people who are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged. Our no compromise approach means we take pride in paying attention where it matters, from our award winning minimalist design to locally sourced bottles and compostable soap wrappers.

The Soap Co. choose natural botanicals, nourishing vitamins and pure essentials oils to create cruelty free products that are good for you, good for the environment, good for everyone.

Our ambition is to become a truly circular brand. Our ingredients, bottles and labels wherever possible are sourced from UK suppliers and the new certified plastic free collection includes infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles, wool wrapped exfoliating soap pebbles and hand stamped eco cold process bar soaps wrapped in compostable biofilm made from renewable wood pulp.

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D&AD Pencil for Design, Blue Patch ‘New Business’ and ‘Female Business Leader’ Awards,  Global Good ‘Eco Focused Social Enterprise’ and ‘Best Agency/Consultancy Campaign’ Awards, PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club ‘Environmental Impact’ award, two Planet Mark Awards, Variety Catherine ‘Inspiration Award’, Natwest Everywoman GAIA Award.

Shortlisted Awards

Social Enterprise UK, The Sustainability City Awards

Product Recognition

Winner of two Beauty Bible awards. Finalist in CEW Beauty Awards, the “Oscars of the Beauty Industry”.


We are proud holders of The Planet Mark and hold Plastic Free accreditations for 26 products across our collections.


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Social Enterprise Mark
Social Enterprise UK
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