Darren Sapsford

Darren came to work for the Soap Co. to begin building his life again after suffering a mental break down. He was referred through a job advisor at Leonard Cheshire for part-time work and has put his skills to use on the soap production line and helping other team members who may struggle with their sight or hearing.

When he arrived he described his confidence and self-esteem as “absolutely blown” but through working he started to see that he could do things and being helpful to others gave him a boost. He says the work inspires him simply because he can be of use.

“I’m a use and I can be helpful and, also seeing some of the guys, I’m really pleased to see them. I’ve met some really lovely people here,” he said. “Working here, the people are amazing. The blind people, people with learning difficulties and the people with no hearing, I’m just amazed by them…The things they can do and the way they go through life and they’re actually quite jolly. It’s just lovely.”

He aspires to be a support worker when he’s able to train and work full-time again. He says, “I would actually like to go and do something like that. To go and help people who need help. It’s just my way.”

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