Olgun "Ozzie" Ibrahim

Olgun, known as Ozzie, had been working for The Soap Co.’s parent company CLARITY for 22 years. He started in the company’s bedding factory making mattresses, including a mattress for Madonna, before turning his hand to making soap.

“When I first came here I was quiet, lacking in confidence and stuff but now, I’m a bit noisy now,” he says. Apart from his day job making soap, he’s deputy shop steward in the union and runs the social club. For Ozzie, working at the Soap Co. gives him confidence, people to mix with and a good wage to take home to his son and daughter.

But best thing about the job is the people he works with. “It’s mainly the people here,” he says. “They all like having a laugh and a joke and they’re just happy to be here. Otherwise they’d be stuck at home. Doing this gives them something in life to do.”

After 22 years in the business he’s got business ideas of his own. “I’ve always wanted to open my own little shop or something like that. I always thought maybe selling soaps and stuff like that, that might be a good idea...I could try it.”

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