Mulberry & Amber

Body Gift Trio with Pebble

This gift trio features our popular exfoliating soap pebble, a nourishing Mulberry & Amber body lotion and a handmade cold processed soap with exfoliating pumice. A very special gift.

Inspired by pebbles found in the Lake District's River Greta, our exfoliating soap pebble is a handcrafted cold process lye soap enriched with cocoa butter, olive and coconut oils and wrapped in wool from local Herdwick sheep. A natural exfoliator that’s eco friendly, biodegradable and easy to use, it's a must have for both bath and shower. 

Our eco and bee friendly Mulberry & Amber body lotion and cold processed soap are crafted from natural, vegan and eco-certified ingredients. Enriched with bee friendly borage and calendula botanicals, organic cocoa butter, antioxidants and mulberry root extract. 
Handmade and stamped with the name of its maker, this eco bee-friendly bar soap is unlike any other. The added pumice is what makes it a real superstar - a gentle exfoliator to lift away dead skin cells and reveal skin as smooth as silk.

Free from parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGs, triclosan, mineral oils, synthetic colour, DEA, TEA petrochemicals, silicones, EDTA, parabens and artificial colours. Now cleanliness is really one step closer to godliness!

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We are a social enterprise with all of our income channelled into serving our social purpose - to provide jobs, training and opportunities for people who are visually impaired, have disabilities or are otherwise disadvantaged.

Our products are made in the UK with natural extracts, added vitamins and are colour and paraben free. We never test our products on animals. We’re eco-friendly, we use recycled and recyclable materials and we’re constantly striving to minimise environmental impact. 

Buying from The Soap Co. means that you’re buying products that are good and do good.

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