How to Use Dishwasher With Broken Soap Dispenser?

By Marsha Harrison

how to use dishwasher with broken soap dispenser

The different features of home appliances are manufactured for a reason. Some are there to give you a more comfortable service experience, while others are present because they are necessary!

When a piece is broken, you’ll sometimes notice that the whole machine is still able to do its primary job. But this does not mean you don’t have to fix it soon since the piece was made for a specific purpose.

However, knowing how to use dishwasher with broken soap dispenser will help you clean the dishes when you don’t have the time or money to repair the dispenser just yet.

How Can We Use Dishwasher With Broken Soap Dispenser?


First of all, let’s clarify some common issues first:

  • In case of your dishwasher soap dispenser not opening, try turning the machine off, then pour the soap detergent into the compartment.
  • Check the latch spring or the on/off mode if your dishwasher soap dispenser not closing properly. Maybe it’s not broken, you just do not open and close it right.

If your dishwasher dispenser broken is indeed the case, it is still definitely possible to use the dishwasher to clean your greasy plates!

One way to do this is to pour or place the dishwashing soap directly into the washing compartment and not the detergent compartment.

It will dispense the detergent immediately along with washing the dishes instead of gradually releasing the lather and soap. It is not an ideal situation, but this method will work.

Or, you can put the dishwashing soap right at the bottom of your dishwasher, then bring the dirty dish in and turn on the machine. This method can still help you finish cleaning your dishes until you get the machine fixed.

You may have stumbled upon a device called an automatic soap dispenser system. However, there is little to no proof that this appliance is practical to use as an alternative.

Why Shouldn’t We Keep Using Dishwasher Without Soap Dispenser?


The two methods are feasible. However, the soap will not be lathered and released well. Thus it won’t thoroughly clean your dishes or give you the same result as using a dishwasher with a soap dispenser.

You can put soap prior to the time that the silverware is ready for the main wash. Nonetheless, putting soap directly inside will generally give you washed plates in the end.

So, if you are looking for ways to avoid spending on a replacement or repairing it, the method mentioned above will temporarily deliver what you need.

Why is Your Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Broken?

It is best that you have your dishwasher fixed. You should understand why your dispenser isn’t functioning as it should be. The three most common are:

  • Detergent or food blockage
  • Malfunctioning piece
  • Damaged door latch

If you have spotted the problem your dishwasher is experiencing, here are three ways you can repair it. Read ahead!

How to Fix a Broken Dishwasher Soap Dispenser?


Solution #1: Clean and maintain.

Like anything under the sun, your dishwasher needs maintenance if you wish for it to last long.

  • You may have forgotten to sterilize the machine. Over time, the excess soap left in the dishwasher after use may have hardened up and prevented the dispenser from working correctly.
  • Aside from this, it is possible that leftovers from silverwares have accumulated and caused the machine to malfunction.

Make sure you clean it often, at least once a week, following these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare some hot water and a soft toothbrush and a soft cloth
  • Step 2: Pour the water onto the detergent dispenser’s lid and use the soft cloth to remove any dirt
  • Step 3: Carry on pouring hot water inside the detergent compartment. Now you use the brush to eliminate all the built-up residues.
  • Step 4: Use water to rinse the whole thing again.

Solution #2: Call a technician or repair the machine.

However, there is no absolute method for repairing the part yourself. The techniques depend on which piece is broken, as well as the type and brand of the dishwasher.

Luckily, we have the Internet to give us countless videos, articles, and other materials to teach us how to fix a dishwasher soap dispenser! But if you do not want to repair it on your own, you can always call a technician.

Solution #3: Replace your dishwasher.

If you do not find it worth paying someone to fix soap dispenser, you can buy a new one.

However, it would defeat the purpose of discovering the method of using a dishwasher with a damaged soap dispenser for you to save money and time!

Maybe at this point, it would be best to weigh the pros and cons of getting a replacement dishwasher or switching to cleaning kitchenware with your hands. Here’s a quick overview!

Washing Kitchenware With a Dishwasher Vs. By Hand

Due to the evolving technological advancement, you now have the option to stick with the traditional way of cleaning your plates using your hands or letting a machine do the dirty work!

However, one should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both methods before purchasing a dishwasher.

  • A dishwasher could be expensive, but it can handle hotter water temperatures when washing silverware. Although using cold water is not bad, washing plates in hot water can sterilize, remove oil, and kill bacteria just as much as using soap and other disinfectants.
  • On the other hand, other kitchenware is best cleaned and washed by hand. Usually, we encounter hardened food on the surface of utensils and plates that can only be removed by scrubbing manually.
  • Aside from that, we may have dishes considered prized possessions and should be handled with care. That’s why hand washing would be a more careful method in these cases.


Learning how to use dishwasher with broken soap dispenser is neccesary when the compartment suddenly does not work. But of course, having a broken dispenser won’t allow soap to be used at the correct time. Nonetheless, it is manufactured for that reason!

So, following the methods of using a broken dishwasher is only temporary. The machine must be fixed soon.

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