What Does Soap Feel Like? What Does Soap Taste Like?

By Marsha Harrison

Fact-checked by Kia Lowe

what does soap feel like

We can all agree that we use soap on our bodies to keep ourselves clean and healthy. It maintains good hygiene and makes our skin feel clean and fresh!

But what if it’s the exact reason your skin isn’t in the best condition?

Often, we forget to ask the most critical questions when choosing which soap to use, like what does soap feel like? What should it feel like? Let us walk you through it. Read along!

What Should Soap Feel Like?


The primary purpose of soap is to remove unnecessary oils or sweat that our bodies excrete and keep us clean and healthy.

We are constantly exposed to dust and dirt that may affect our hygiene and well-being. Solely washing or bathing with water will not entirely take care of this, but the soap will aid in rinsing these substances off our bodies and killing harmful bacteria.

Therefore, our skin should feel naturally refreshed and free from oil and dirt after washing with soap.

When irritation or burning sensations appears, you’ll know that the soap you use is unsuitable for your skin.

However, some soaps leave your skin feeling dry. This is due to the high pH level it contains. Let’s talk about this further!

Understanding the Ph Level of Soap Better


The pH level indicates if a solution is basic, acidic, or neutral.

When a substance is beyond the neutral pH level of seven, it is labeled as a basic substance. On the other hand, it is an acidic or alkaline substance if the pH level is below the neutral level.

The pH level of the soap positively correlates with its ability to clean the skin. This means that the higher its pH level, the more capacity it has to clean the skin.

So, is hand soap acidic alkaline or neutral? Soaps and shampoos, regardless of the form, are supposed to be basic or alkaline substances, having pH levels above seven because they are disinfectants meant to clean the body.

Otherwise, the soap will become unserviceable or pointless to use.

This explains why you feel a burning sensation when you get soap in your eyes since soaps have a much higher pH level than your eyes.

So how high are the pH levels of soaps supposed to be? Based on research, soaps are predominantly at a pH level of 9 to 10 – the latter being unfitting for people who have dry skin as it may cause more dehydration.

If one wishes to test the pH level of their soaps, there are multiple ways to do so, like pH strips and meters– which might also give you different results. So researching is key to accuracy!

However, soaps are topical products and are not meant to be digested. So, if you have stumbled upon a guide on testing pH levels by how the soap taste like, avoid doing so to keep yourself safe from harm.


So, what does soap feel like? Usually, soaps should clean your body and leave it feeling refreshed, but it also depends on factors, such as its pH level.

Therefore, it matters whether hand soap acid or base. Any soap is manufactured to have basic or alkaline substances to accomplish its primary objective of disinfecting our bodies.

But if it is at the pH level of 10 or above, it may cause dryness on your skin. That is why it is crucial to know the pH level of your soap if you are conscious of it.

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