What Happens When You Drop the Soap in Prison

By Marsha Harrison

Fact-checked by Kia Lowe

what happens when you drop the soap in prison

People often remark, “Do not drop the soap in the shower in jail,” but what happens when you drop the soap in prison?

When you drop the soap, you will stoop to pick it up, putting you in a vulnerable position. Your buttocks are exposed, making you vulnerable to anal rape by a fellow inmate or kicking to humiliate you.

Meaning of Dropping a Soap in Prison


Dropping things inside a prison cell is not a good thing and bending in order for you to pick it up is the worst, but why? What happens when you drop the soap in prison or even anything?

Honestly, you can drop anything in jail, not only soap; don’t pick it up in a way that will cause you to bend.

Reason #1: Be Subjected to Rape, Humiliation, and Physical Attacks

Prison cells are full of unwritten norms and standards, so you must be cautious and learn to read your environment.

Each action may be interpreted differently by the inmate. For example, picking up a bar of soap in the shower at jail or any object that has been dropped may be interpreted as sexually motivated.

This could result in you being raped, beaten, or humiliated.

Reason #2: Create a submissive Image


In addition to the risk of sexual assault, this position or the act of picking up items, particularly those you did not drop, may convey a submissive image to other inmates.

Remember that one of the unstated prisoner’s code principles is “he who dropped it, picks it up.”

If you lose your honor and dignity by picking up items that others have dropped, you may appear willing to obey. This may spell your demise during your time in prison.

Best Thing to do

Therefore, the easiest way to keep the soap from dropping is to use what is known as “prison soap on a rope.”

Where you will tie the soap around your waist so that even if you drop it, it won’t fall to the ground, and you won’t have to bend down to pick it up.

In addition, you can carry an extra bar of soap, so if you drop the first one, you can leave it where it fell and use the spare.

Now, the best course of action when someone has dropped an item is to turn a blind eye and go past it as if nothing occurred.


Now, we all know the answers to “what happens when you drop the soap in prison?”, about its horrid meaning and consequences. If you drop something while incarcerated, think of strategic and inventive ways to get it without bending.

Another unsaid rule is that you should not pick up an item you did not drop. Indeed, the easiest way to avoid such situations is never to commit a crime that could land you in jail.

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