What to Do if You Get Soap in Your Eye? The Appropriate Aid

By Marsha Harrison

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what to do if you get soap in your eye

Getting soap in your eye is an annoying yet familiar shower situation for anyone to experience! Familiar soap in eye symptoms include:

  • Burning sensation or pain
  • Tearing
  • Redness on eyelid or eye
  • Temporary or sudden blurry vision

Your first impulse to get soap out of the eye might be to rub them. Don’t! By doing so, you might end up spreading it all over your vision rather than removing it.

Here is what to do if you get soap in your eye. Immediately rinse the soap out as soon as you can to make your eye stop burning from soap.

Steps to Get Soap Out of Eye


What to do beforehand

These steps are the precursor to getting soap out of your eyes.

  • Step 1: Clean your hands before flushing- Your hands may carry viruses, chemicals, or other harmful substances. By washing your hands, you eliminate contaminating your eyes even further.
  • Step 2: Remove your contacts if wearing any- Do not wash your eyes with contacts in. Water can cause the lenses to change in shape, swell in size, and even stick to your eye. This issue will not help your current situation, so take them out instead.

Now that you’ve already done the necessary steps before flushing your eyes, here are some ways you can flush soap out of your eye:

  • Set your shower to a lower-pressure and warm temperature. Let the water fall onto your forehead so that it can gently gush into your eyes. Make sure to keep your eyes open from time to time to get face wash out of your eye.
  • Wash your eyes over the sink with a faucet. Set your sink temperature to warm, tilt your head towards the sink, and let the water flow into your eyes.
  • Wash your eyes over the sink with a pitcher. Make sure your head is tilted, then slowly pour the water onto your head directed towards the eye region to get soap out of eye.
  • Dip your face in a bowl of water and blink from time to time.

Try doing any of these flushing methods for 15 minutes.

After you’ve tried rinsing and flushing your eyes, yet you find yourself saying, “I tried the other techniques and I still got soap in my eye and it still hurts until now,” you might want to seek professional help from your eye doctor.

There is a chance that there may still be soap in your eyes. To ensure the pH is normal and no soap residue lurking somewhere it shouldn’t, your doctor may cleanse your eye and perform repeated pH checks.

Why Does Soap Burn Eyes So Much?


Soap is considered a chemical, specifically a disinfectant, which is why it’s acidic.

pH measures how acidic liquid substances are, and level 7 is considered neutral, which is also the pH level of the eyes. Meanwhile, soaps and shampoos have a pH level of more than 7. Some are even at 10!

The eyes are very sensitive to chemicals, especially the outer area. This explains why soap causes eyes to feel a burning sensation.

On the other hand, water has a pH level of 7, the same as the eyes. This is why it’s suggested to rinse or flush the soap with water.

If the soap in eye swollen, this could lead to more severe issues. Soap in eye cause infection, among other problems. You may consult your doctor to get reliable recommendations if this is the case.

Still have burning questions about getting soap in your eyes? Keep reading!

Here Are Some FAQs About Getting Soap in Your Eyes


How long does the pain last?

If you’re wondering how long does it last after getting soap in your eye. The pain might last until an hour if untreated. If it lasts longer, this may cause concern.

However, if you rinse and flush your eye as soon as you get soap in your eye and rinse it well, there is no need to worry.

What kind of soaps should I avoid getting in my eye?

Well, all soap. Such as shampoo, facial wash, hand soap, body soap, and even antibacterial soap in eye.

As mentioned, many soap forms have a pH level of 9-10. Therefore, it’s best to avoid getting any form of soap in your eye.

Should I use eye drops after getting soap in my eye?

If you still feel slight discomfort or any lingering sensitivity after a few days from getting soap in your eyes, try using eye drops after soap in eye incidents.

However, if the symptoms persist, contact your doctor so they can take a look and make sure everything is okay.

Can soap in eyes cause blindness?

No, it does not cause blindness. Although soap does sting, it usually has a pH level of 7.5 and 9, so its chemical nature is more alkaline.

And although soap has alkaline, they are tested before being released for public consumption.

They are non-toxic products—however, it’s best to avoid getting soap in your eyes because it can cause irritation and stinging.


Since you now know what to do if you get soap in your eye, there is no need to panic. Getting soap in your eye is easily treatable!

By quickly rinsing or using the flushing techniques mentioned above, you can easily relieve any irritation and eye-burning sensation you may be feeling.

Just follow the steps mentioned above. Remember, if you are still feeling symptoms, you should probably contact and consult your eye doctor.

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