Why Does Sulphur Soap Bring Out the Scabies? – Reasons

By Marsha Harrison

why does sulphur soap bring out the scabies

Scabies is an itchy rash caused by a contagious infestation of microscopic mites under the human skin. This annoying rash demands treatment and a medical prescription to eradicate the mites and their eggs. For many, sulfur is considered a safe over-the-counter alternative for treating scabies.

However, some might ask, “why does sulphur soap bring out the scabies?” It’s because there has not been any scientific data and research about the effects of sulfur for scabies treatment. Many might be afraid that the chemical makes their situation worse rather than healing.

Let’s see the truth behind this.

The Effectiveness of Sulfur Soaps for Scabies


At present, there is insufficient scientific data to prove the effectiveness of sulfur soaps for scabies. Therefore, the claims are not grounded in rigorous research.

However, it is not entirely speculative either.

When insects, mites, fungi, and other organisms come in contact with sulfur, it causes deadly effects. That’s why the component has been authorized as an ingredient for pesticide products since the 1920s.

There is limited research on the competency of sulfur as a healing agent for scabies. Still, abundant anecdotal and hearsay claims that sulfur soaps can treat scabies.

However, worry not as soaps for scabies are not likely to bring out scabies but are used to reduce the itching and help treat them.

If you look up advice on Reddit, many rely on Sulfur soap mites and scabies treatment Sulfur soap to reduce the symptoms, and the product works. There is almost no case that it makes the symptoms worse.

Does Sulfur Kill Scabies Eggs?


Although there is no medicated soap for scabies, products containing sulfur are believed to help treat the infestation as the component is proven to kill fungi, rodents, insects, and mites upon contact.

Therefore, it is trusted to kill mite eggs instead of facilitating their spread.

Experts claim that sulfur generates a harmful substance that could cause lethal effects to organisms other than humans. Sulfur affects the cellular respiration of fungi, which hinders them from producing energy.

Sulfur has been documented for use in scabies treatment since the 2nd century. Using it is a time-honored method in curing various skin diseases, like acne or pityriasis capitis.

How to Use Sulfur Products on Scabies Rash?


Scabies is an infestation of mites, so it is not an infection nor a disease. The infestation causes persistent itching and aggressive rashes when the mites penetrate the skin and lay eggs.

Therefore, it calls for urgent treatment. Scabicides are products that cure scabies and can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription.

But using sulfur products is a home remedy that can work on scabies and can be bought over the counter. Here’s a list of sulfur-containing products and how to use them.

1. Precautionary step

Wash the affected area with clean running water and soap. This is essential to vitalize the healing process and reduce the risk of further contamination.

2. Using Sulfur soap and shampoo

After cleaning the area concerned, let it dry. Then rewash it with the sulfur-containing soap. You may use a 10 percent sulfur soap, or less if you feel safer.

Lightly pat the area with a soft towel after washing as you use the soap. Lather the sulfur shampoo for scabies on the scalp.

This is usually done twice a day, but it is recommended to follow the instructions according to the brand of sulfur soap you are using.

3. Using Sulfur jelly

Applying a sulfur-containing jelly to the skin appears to be a good scabies treatment. Once the affected area is cleaned, apply the sulfur jelly and leave it on for three to six nights.

However, this treatment commonly produces a stench that might be unbearable to smell.

4. Using Sulfur Oilment

Sulfur ointment is applied before bedtime, after washing and drying the affected area. Six percent sulfur ointment is typically used for scabies treatment.

Gently rub the ointment on your skin, covering the entire area. Leave the ointment on for twenty-four hours. Thoroughly wash the area with soap afterward.

Repeat this process at night for two or three consecutive nights.

The symptoms of scabies, like the redness and itching, are still more likely visible or present after the treatment. This is due to the allergic reaction that the mites and their excrement have caused to the skin.

If you notice no difference between before and after the scabies soap treatment, you may call your doctor or healthcare professional.


Scabies is a thorn in the flesh condition that can cause inconvenience and pain to the affected person and those around them. Thanks to the Internet, we can witness testimonies of individuals who have tried sulfur products on scabies and have garnered positive results!

Therefore, for anyone asking, “why does sulphur soap bring out the scabies?”, you can ease their worries by telling them that sulfur products do not spread but help treat scabies.

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