Why Put a Bar of Soap Under Your Pillow? – Soap Sleep Trick

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why put a bar of soap under your pillow

A bar of soap contains molecules best known for protecting us from germs. But did you know that a bar of soap under sheets could also be a remedy for people experiencing trouble sleeping?

So, why put a bar of soap under your pillow? According to some anecdotal evidence, putting soap under your sheets has a healing effect on leg cramps, back pain, and even for arthritis. But here’s more to it!


Why Do Some People Put a Bar of Soap Under Their Pillow?

1. Bar Soap Contains Minerals That Help Relieves Leg Cramps

One common ingredient in creating soap is the mineral called magnesium.

Soap in bed for leg cramps is believed to be providing relief as the body absorbs magnesium while you were sleeping, helping your legs relax. As defined,

  • Leg cramps are harmless painful spasms in your feet or legs. It can be caused by many factors, including dehydration, muscle strain, and magnesium deficiency.
  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition that causes you the urge to move due to uncomfortable feelings usually coming from your legs during the night.

Thus, both of these situations can be prevented or minimized by sleeping with soap under your pillow since the cramps are often caused by magnesium depletion.

2. Bar Soap Gives Natural Relief for Arthritis Pain


There are more than 100 types of arthritis in the world. But one prominent feature of its symptoms is joint pain.

Since you can move a lot while you’re sleeping if you have arthritis, soap is thought to be helpful in soothing your body and preventing flare-ups.

Another theory is that bar soap relieves arthritis pain by entering your nerve receptors. Let’s explore this concept further in the following section.

3. Nerve Connections Are Reactive to Soap’s Aroma


When it comes to the five basic human senses, we should not forget the power of our olfaction (sense of smell).

In general, a bar of soap under sheets transmits refreshing and fragrant odors to your brain. This will then stimulate a psychological effect, relaxing and even controlling pain.

Experts also conjected that transient receptor potential (TRP) plays a role in these nerve reactions. In simple terms, the fragrance from the soap interferes with the pain channels, which induces pain alleviation.

And for neuropathy treatment, those people who have experienced numbness and pain in the affected area due to nerve damage might feel considerably less intense nerve pain.

So, keeping the soap close to you while sleeping is a recommended step.

4. Placebo effect to Actual effect


A bar of soap in bed for back pain serves as a placebo, and you experience a placebo effect. This doesn’t imply that you are crazy, trying to make yourself feel better.

In fact, placebo has a real physical effects that focus on human expectations. The relationship between the mind and body is extremely dynamic; our body’s chemistry can cease back pain, similar to how medicine works.

Weak Evidences BUT Strong Testimonials

Many are not aware or take sleeping with soap under your pillow as a ridiculous home remedy. But apparently, this soap idea has been practiced for decades by french grandmothers.

No specific scientific evidence has been found to support the effects of putting soap under your sheets. However, wherever social media platforms you search about this concept, many online testimonials are ready to prove its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Question


What Is the Best Soap to Use for This Home Remedy?

  • Irish spring soap under pillow claims to calm Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).
  • Lavender Soap has been recommended by Mehmet Oz for its relaxing impact.
  • Ivory Soap seems to be a netizen’s favorite pick as it contains magnesium sulfate that is found aiding smooth muscle fibers.

So, you may need to test out a few brands to get the greatest personal results.


This simple yet mysterious practice of sleeping with soap under your pillow has been practiced for decades that could alleviate your leg cramps and back pain.

Either for arthritis or for neuropathic pain, this cheap and easy technique could change how you view bar soap.

Now that you are one of the few people who know the answer to “Why Put A Bar of Soap Under Your Pillow?, it is now your time to share your learnings with your loved ones.

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